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Department of Chemistry
The Johns Hopkins University
138 Remsen Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Kenneth Karlin
Department Chair

Phone 410-516-7429
Fax 410-516-8420

News and Events

Read the Winter 2012/2013 Department Newsletter from the Chair. [PDF]

Undergraduate Research Day

Johns Hopkins will hold its Undergraduate Research Day (URD) on Thursday, April 14, 2016 from 3 p.m.- 6 p.m. in the Ralph S. O’Connor Recreational Center (Homewood Campus).

If you are currently working on research that you would like to use as part of the requirement for your departmental honors, please contact your faculty adviser or the department administrator to get more information. We look forward to this exciting collaborative opportunity to showcase undergraduate achievement!

How to Register

Contact John Kidwell if you are a Chemistry student to let him know you will be participating.

Important Dates:

Deadline date for students to submit their poster title to their department: March 11th

Deadline date for students to submit their posters (online) to the printer: March 21st

Posters will be distributed the week of: April 11th

Poster Information

All poster costs will be covered by the University at no charge to the department or program. Mandatory poster size: 48″ x 36″ printed landscape.  Posterboards and easels will be provided the day of the event.

Kate Prigge Featured in Science's XX Files Series

Dr. Kate Prigge, a recent graduate from the Goldberg group, is featured in Science Magazine's video series XX Files: Extraordinary Science Extraordinary Women. To see her interview on her postdoctoral work on "The Smell Test" involving the odor detection of cancer, click here.

Thomas Kempa Receives Dreyfus Foundation’s Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry Award

Congratulations to Dr. Kempa for receiving the Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation’s Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry Award.  The highly selective award offers a principal investigator $120,000 over two years to appoint a postdoctoral fellow in environmental chemistry and was only given to eight recipients in 2015.  Click here for more information.

Lawrence Principe Receives 2015 Guggenheim Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr. Lawrence Principe for receiving the 2015 fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.  Dr. Principe was selected among 175 prominent scholars for the fellowship, which is awarded to those who have demonstrated "exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts."

Marc Greenberg named a 2016 Arthur C. Cope Scholar

Congratulations to Dr. Marc Greenberg for receiving an American Chemical Society Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, which is given in recognition of his "outstanding achievements in the field of organic chemistry.”

Dr. Art Bragg Receives NSF CAREER Award

Congratulations to Dr. Art Bragg for receiving the NSF CAREER Award! The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the National Science Foundation's most prestigious awards in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, education and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations.  Click here for more information.

Herdeline Ardoña Receives HHMI International Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Herdeline Ardoña of the Tovar group for receiving the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's International Student Research Fellowship!  This year, the HHMI selected 45 graduate students from 18 countries for fellowships that will help them complete their graduate studies in the life sciences.  She is one of two students from the Philippines to receive the fellowship since it began in 2011.  Click here for more information.

Dr. Kit Bowen Receives Department of Defense's MURI Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Bowen for receiving the Department of Defense’s MURI grant!  The DOD’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) program funds research teams that overlap in more than one traditional science and engineering discipline.  A total of 55 academic institutions are expected to participate in these 22 research efforts.  Dr. Bowen’s proposal, “Metalloid Cluster Building Blocks and Their Inclusion with Composites,” is one of six research efforts sponsored by the Office of Naval Research.  Click here for more information.

Colin Zhang Recognized by PRC for Scientific Achievements

Mr. Colin (Xinxing) Zhang has recently been recognized by the Chinese government for his outstanding scientific achievements as a graduate student in the United States.  The award ceremony took place on May 9th, 2015 at the PRC Embassy Annex in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Rebekka Klausen Receives Department of Energy Honor

Congratulations to Dr. Rebekka Klausen! Dr. Klausen is one of 44 young scientists across the country chosen to receive grants from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science under the agency’s Early Career Research Program. This annual award supports the development of individual research programs of outstanding scientists early in their careers.  Click here for more information.


Two Cover Articles From the Tovar Group

Benjamin Streifel’s paper, “An unusually small singlet-triplet gap in a quinoidal 1,6-methano[10]annulene due to Baird’s 4n pi-electron triplet stabilization” a collaboration with Juan Casado at the University of Málaga (Spain), was chosen as the subject for an inside cover in Angewandte Chemie (click here to read the paper).  To follow up very soon, Reid Messersmith’s review “Assessment of the aromaticity of borepin rings by spectroscopic, crystallographic and computational methods: a historical overview” was awarded the front cover of a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry  (click here to read the paper).  Artwork credits for both covers go to Molly Messersmith.

Dr. Craig Townsend and Two Others Honored For Contributions to Natural Products Chemistry

A dedicated issue of Natural Product Reports recognizes contributions spanning several decades from three scientists born within 6 months of each other, Craig Townsend (JHU), Tom Simpson (Univ. of Bristol)  and John Vederas (Univ. Alberta), to understanding fungal polyketide biosynthesis. While having no common mentor, each has both made fundamental advances to methods now in widespread use and delivered major insights into iterative catalysis exemplified by this family of multidomain enzymes.  Click here to read Dr. Townsend's article and the issue's dedication.

Dr. Nicole Gaudelli and Darcie Long publish in Nature
Dr. Nicole Gaudelli and graduate student Darcie Long report with Prof. Craig Townsend the discovery that a non-ribosomal peptide synthetase acts centrally in the formation of the beta-lactam ring of the nocardicin family of antibiotics. The mechanism of this unprecedented reaction is examined and its engineering for generalized protease inhibition is discussed.  Click here to read the article.


Mark Struble and Max Holl Featured on ACS Editors' Choice

Congratulations to Mark Struble and Max Holl of the Lectka group!  Their paper “Synthesis of a Tight Intramolecular OH---Olefin Interaction, Probed by IR, 1H NMR and Quantum Chemistry,” which was recently published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry, was selected as an ACS Editors' Choice. Click here to read the article.

Welcome New Faculty!

We are very pleased to announce two new faculty will be joining the Chemistry Department this summer 2015.  We welcome Dr. V. Sara Thoi and Dr. Thomas J. Kempa.

Dr. Sara Thoi received her Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley with Christopher J. Chang and is currently completing her postdoctoral studies at California Institute of Technology with Sossina M. Haile.  Sara’s research interests include coordination chemistry, materials synthesis, electron and ion transport, photochemistry, and electrocatalysis.  Sara’s research will be focused on using molecular design in porous materials for the development of sustainable technologies in energy conversion and storage.

Dr. Tom Kempa received his Ph.D. from Harvard University with Charles M. Lieber and is currently completing his postdoctoral studies with Daniel G. Nocera at Harvard. Tom's research interests are in the general area of solid-state materials chemistry and experimental physical chemistry. Tom's research group will work towards building and characterizing new classes of solid-state systems that can enable advances in energy conversion, self-assembly of photonic and meta materials, and biophysical probes. The group will explore perovskite and oxide-based 2D materials and superlattices, novel strategies for kinetic assembly, and inorganic nanoprobes for interrogation of cellular networks. To accomplish this science, his group will use a rich array of gas-phase and inorganic synthetic methods and a number of solid-state optical and structural characterization techniques.

Marisa Taverna Porro Featured on ACS Editors' Choice

Congratulations to Marisa Taverna Porro of the Greenberg group. An article she coauthored, "Double-Strand Breaks from a Radical Commonly Produced by DNA-Damaging Agents.” (click here to read the article) in Chemical Research in Toxicology was chosen by the editors to be featured on the journal’s cover and the ACS Editors’ Choice website. The ACS chooses one article per day to be highlighted on its website and is published in Open Access form.

Daryl Guthrie Featured in the Journal of Organic Chemistry

Congratulations to Daryl Guthrie of the Toscano group!  An article he cowrote, “Catch and Release of HNO with Pyrazolones,” was chosen by the editors of the Journal of Organic Chemistry as a Featured Article.  Click here to read the article.

Chemistry Open Positions
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Now Available: Undergraduate Chemistry Major Handbook
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Department Seminars, Colloquia and Events
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Download the Graduate Student Handbook 2015-2016 [PDF] (last updated August 2015)

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